The Heart of the Matter

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Just thought I’d share my love of Bleeding Hearts, which will forever remind me of my grandmother.


Weeds, Blossoms & Angels Among Us

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Here are a few snapshots from my day yesterday. The smells of fresh air, grass and apple blossoms were absolutely intoxicating! I love spring!

Don’t forget to take time out of your day and stop to smell the flowers…even if they happen to be weeds!

Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue

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Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization created by my close friend, Mark Dallyn. Healing Haven is devoted to caring for injured and orphaned wildlife in Northwest Saskatchewan.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to photograph some of the wildlife that has come into Mark’s care. I have also been lucky enough to attend some amazing wildlife rescue missions and releases, some more enjoyable then others! We still laugh about the  release of the 5 Lesser Scaup (Ducks), which involved walking through fields, getting eaten alive by misquotes, and me falling face first into smelly slew water that was up to my knees, after getting my boots stuck in Mud…luckily my camera was spared! But that snafu aside it’s been a really great experience being involved with Healing Haven and seeing first hand what it takes to get these animals in shape so they can finally be released into the wild. Mark has been an inspiration not only to me, but to many others in the community, continually showing that with hard work and dedication, dreams really can come true!

The following is a short bio about Healing Haven. Please visit  Healing Haven’s Facebook Page for more information!

Healing Haven Wildlife Rescue is a non-profit organization created by Mark Dallyn. Healing Haven is devoted to caring for injured and orphaned wildlife in Northwest Saskatchewan.


Mark’s passion for wildlife started at a young age and quickly grew over the years. Wildlife has always been a part of Mark’s life. His exposure to wildlife at a young age has taught him a great deal of respect for nature and wildlife and his education in Veterinary Technology & Wildlife Rehabilitation has given him the necessary skills to help these creatures in their time of need.
His journey in rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife officially started in 2001 with an American Crow named Chester. Since then he has successfully rehabilitated hundreds of injured and orphaned animals. From Crows, Ravens, Robins, Sparrows, Goslings, Owls, to Bats, Ducklings, Squirrels, Deer, Black Bears and much much more, Mark has left a lasting impact on Northwest Saskatchewan’s wildlife.
In 2010 Mark received the opportunity of a lifetime in the form of two orphaned Black Bear Cubs. With much hard work and construction, Healing Haven has become the only Black Bear Rehabilitation Facility in Saskatchewan.
Healing Haven continues to offer a sanctuary for many species of wildlife to heal and have another chance to be free.

“Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”

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Time sure does fly! Seems this blog has been forgotten about, but I’ve still been shooting photos over the past year that I’ve been lacking in blog updates, though I was feeling less than inspired and it had slowed down a bit (LONG WINTER!).

I did participate in a couple of Arts & Culture events in 2010:

Art in the Park

Showcase Gala of the Arts

I joined a photography club in April to hopefully get that jolt of creativity that I’ve been lacking. I went out today to shoot some photos, which I will upload later on, but for now I will share some of my favorite photos of the past year or so. Enjoy!

Le printemps est arrivé!

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Spring has sprung! It is a beautiful and sunny 14 degrees Celsius today! I have been itching to photograph flowers, but am unable to wait long enough for the flowers to start blooming in their own time. So, to tide me over until mother nature works on spring renewal, I purchased some beautiful red tulips to photograph!

Goodbye Winter!

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Winter has seemed to drag on forever here in Northwest Saskatchewan. Fortunately we seem to have been given a reprieve from old man winter’s chilly grip. The temperature is rising, the snow is melting, the birds are singing. Grass has made a return appearance and puddles fill the streets. While winter stayed a lot longer than I had wanted, it has given me some beautiful scenery to photograph!

As we bid farewell to Winter and look forward to Spring, here are a few of my favorite winter shots.

My Inspiration

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My inspiration comes from a lot of places, but my biggest inspiration comes in the form of one woman. Jenna Lynn Sullivan.

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

Jenna was one of the most gifted photographers I’ve ever met. I had the utmost privilege of being able to call this beautiful woman my friend. We met in university. We both left St. Thomas Univeristy before graduation. I, to follow my heart across the country, and she, to follow her passion in the visual arts, transferring to a college more suited to nourish her talent.

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

In 2006 I was able to travel back to New Brunswick, and I stopped in Fredericton to give a surprise visit to Jenna. She greeted me with the best hug I’ve ever gotten in my life. Her arms and legs tangled around me as she squealed in delight to see me after me being gone for 2 years. We sat and chatted like no time had passed. I admired the photography and artwork that adorned her walls. Her obvious talent was displayed all around her.

In 2007 she embarked on what would be the trip of a lifetime. A solo trip of self discovery. Driving across the country. Jenna and her camera.

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

I followed her constant photo updates. Seeing the country through Jenna’s lens was a real treat. Her journey was to take her to my door step. She sent me a message that she was ahead of schedule and would be arriving that evening. I was ecstatic. The hours seemed to crawl by so slowly, I couldn’t wait to see her. 3 hours turned into four, then five, then six…..a knot formed in my stomach. Repeated calls and messages left on her cell phone. No calls answered or returned…

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

The next morning I went on to her Facebook page to see messages of condolences; “Rest in Peace”, “You were gone too soon”, flooding her Wall.

I fell apart.

Jenna. My beautiful, talented, amazing friend….was gone.

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

Killed in an accident in Borden, Saskatchewan.

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

On her way to see me.

Her parents came to visit a year later. Only then I discovered that mere minutes before her accident, she stopped in Borden at the Grain Elevator to take a picture of herself in front of it. Minutes later, she was gone.

Photo by Jenna Lynn Sullivan

Over 2 years later, it’s still hard to wrap my head around. I took a cross country road trip back to New Brunswick last September and I had Jenna on my mind the whole time. My first stop in New Brunswick was to visit her parents.

..And for the first time, visit her grave site. That’s when everything sunk in. Unable to attend her funeral, I hadn’t gotten closure. It still felt as if she’d show up on my door step any day now. Seeing her grave, I finally understood that “any day now” was never going to come.

I often visit the site of her accident. Just to be in the last place she stood alive is heartbreaking.

Somehow, I became inspired through this tragedy. I made an impulse purchase of a new camera and started shooting. I feel as if the torch has been passed on. I want to pick up where she left off. There is so much beauty in the world that needs to be captured. Jenna would have wanted it that way. Her father once told me that I he saw a lot of Jenna’s talent in my photography. If I am even one tenth of the photographer that she was, then I’m doing okay.

So here’s to you, my beautiful Jenna. I promise to carry on your legacy the best way I know how, snapping pictures, taking time to live, love, laugh, and live each day to the fullest.

Photo by Cody Caissie